Trusts, Estates & Asset Protection

When it comes to protecting what’s yours, for future generations, it’s worth getting it right.


Trusts, Estates & Asset Protection

Many law firms will sell you a trust, even more will sell an estate plan. But, if your family doesn’t fit into the “average family” box, routine documents won’t do. There is simply no substitute for knowing the law and the documents that access it, and that knowledge is the foundation of our Trust, Estates and Asset Protection practice. By knowing, we can adapt your documents to your unique family, its assets, its wishes and its plans for the future. Even more importantly, when those plans and circumstances change (as they often do) we’ll be there to help you make the necessary changes to ensure that your plan fits your family as well as it did the first day.

The PWL Trusts, Estates & Asset Protection team employs an advisor-driven approach to trust planning, development and administration. By working directly with and through a client’s wealth advisor, we minimize the need for duplicative information gathering, maximize the value of the advisor’s knowledge of the family and ensure a seamless integration of our structures into our clients’ plans. This method also ensures broad visibility of clients’ assets and their legal ownership to ensure the trusts are appropriately employed.

PWL is well-versed in the development, drafting and administration of the most common trust structures, including: Revocable Family Trusts (including their common subsidiary, A/B structures), Irrevocable (“Dynasty”) Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (“ILIT”), Domestic Asset Protection Trust (“DAPT”), Charitable Remainder Trusts, Gun Trusts and more. Additionally, PWL is capable of developing bespoke structures, based on our clients’ specific needs. We take pride in educating and empowering our clients and their advisors so that they know how their trust structures work and how to take advantage of them, by providing delivery documents that diagram and explain your unique trust, and not simply delivering a lengthy, formal legal document.

With respect to asset protection, while many know that Nevada is an ideal forum for Domestic Asset Protection Trusts due to its favorable laws and absence of income tax, effective asset protection often requires a robust network of holding companies, thoughtful entity segregation, proper business restructuring, and creative corporate governance. These tools require an innovative, meticulous approach by attorneys who are well-versed in the complexities of corporate law. With expertise across multiple legal practices, the PWL team will provide you with the necessary tools to comprehensively protect your business and personal assets.

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