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The growth of professional private wealth management has largely not been met with similar growth in affiliated professional services. While family offices, registered investment advisors and wealth management practices have successfully innovated for decades, creating the greatest, most diverse, and most secure wealth the world has ever known, professional legal and finance practices have become more commoditized rather than accommodate the increasing complexity of modern money management. While most wealth professionals simply muddle through this inefficiency, working with lawyers from PWL can provide you and your clients with a critical advantage.

PWL’s practice offerings (Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, Private Securities, Trust/Estates/Asset Protection) were built specifically to provide a wide range of modern wealth management practices with comprehensive services for their practice and their clients, so the fit should come as no surprise. The integration, however, may be unexpected.

PWL’s work in Private Wealth & Wealth Management has allowed us the opportunity to discover and leverage many of the common strategical elements of each practice, to develop strategies in each area of our Private Wealth & Wealth Management practice which are customized to fit the appetites, sensitivities, and objectives of our unique clients. By working directly through the wealth advisor, our work is seamlessly integrated into the clients’ planning, adding the requisite certainty, risk reduction, and/or complexity necessary, without the need to bring yet another professional firm “up to speed” on your matters.

Partnership makes all the differences. Let us show you just how much.

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