A good contract can make a deal and ensure smooth operations between parties. A bad contract can ruin everything. Let PWL help you write good contracts.



A good contract can make a deal and facilitate a smooth working relationship between parties. A bad contract can ruin both a transaction and a relationship. A contract must do a lot of things, but importantly, it must “match” the quality of the business providing it. Doing business successfully on a form, repurposed or downloaded-for-free contracts is too risky to even consider for a serious business. A good contract is as unique as the parties to it, and successful contracting requires an in-depth knowledge of the parties, their goals, their concerns and the applicable law. All of PWL’s attorneys have extensive experience “scratch drafting” contracts (i.e., drafting without a form). If your attorney can’t do that, they shouldn’t be drafting your contracts. In fact, they likely shouldn’t be drafting contracts, at all.

Contrary to what many believe, lawyers do not have an endless library of forms simply waiting for the names, dates, and numbers to be installed while charging a hefty fee for a “Search and Replace”. In real practice, every transaction requires a detailed understanding of your unique objectives, concerns, and equitable positions. The PWL team is prepared to develop that understanding and draft a customized and creative agreement that can benefit your business while protecting your interests.

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