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The knowledge and experience to provide real estate investors and developers with the tools they need to focus on the property and not the paper.



All lawyers know something about real property law, but most don’t have the knowledge and/or experience necessary to provide both investors and developers with adaptable solutions and documentation to ensure counsel serves the client’s deal and not the other way around. PWL knows the importance of real property as an asset class and business opportunity and has the professionals with the experience who understand the law well enough to adapt the documents to the deal, and not the deal to the “form” documents.

Real property is such a fundamental part of any wealth portfolio that most clients expect any “business” attorney to have a working knowledge. Further, because it is a “foundational” subject in American legal curricula, most lawyers believe they have such a working knowledge. Finally, when you combine these realities with the fact that real property transactions have become so common and commoditized that there are “competent” form documents available to the general public at little or no cost, you get a recipe for mediocre-to-poor documentation, with little appetite for professional remediation/documentation.

But for those who take their Real Property work seriously, PWL provides serious Real Property help. By understanding both our own and the available form documents at a fundamental level (i.e. we know why each clause is in there), we are able to ensure that your unique deal is uniquely, competently, and compliantly documented. A small mistake can cost you big, in real property. If it matters enough to own it, it matters enough to let us help you with it.


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