Financial Tech (“FinTech”) & Blockchain Tech

FinTech and Blockchain-based technologies (including cryptocurrency) are exciting, valuable and exceptionally risky opportunities that require experienced and creative counsel, a combination that is increasingly hard to find.




Financial Tech & Blockchain

The Financial Technology (“FinTech”) Sector represents some of the most exciting investment and development opportunities available today, but its technical complexity combined with its legal nascency have left industry leaders with few options for competent representation. PWL’s unique composition of professionals is uniquely suited to serve this industry.

PWL was founded on the strategic combination of professional legal and professional finance services, and PWL’s performance in the FinTech/Blockchain sector represents one of the most successful implementations of this strategy. PWL’s attorneys are well-versed in the canons of finance and have experience with non-traditional asset classes, and the sort of quantitative analysis that is essential to understanding the advanced financial models employed in these businesses.

Successful FinTech and Blockchain-based enterprises require flexible and customized legal solutions that don’t rely on forms or past work, but rather are willing to listen, understand and then concurrently develop bespoke solutions and documentation that meets our client risk tolerances while accomplishing their objectives both strategically and tactically.


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