Maritime (Yacht) Law


Commonly misunderstood to be mostly unregulated, business at sea is some of the most complex there is.




Maritime (Yacht) Law

The high seas are frequently represented as havens for lawlessness in popular books and movies. The reality is quite a bit different. Notwithstanding the wonder of a wholly separate sovereignty just twelve nautical miles offshore (almost any shore), Maritime Law, particularly with respect to business, is wildly and wonderfully complex. Thankfully, legal complexity is a canon of our practice and we’re prepared to assist our clients with all their business maritime needs.

Yachting for profit is an area of rapid, recent growth with exceptional returns on investment and profitability, but should also include advanced financial and tax planning, governance development, human resources optimization and operation, and more. Our business attorneys can help you navigate the equally “high seas” of maritime regulation to ensure that you and your entire planning team is well-apprised of the associated risks and strategies available to mitigate them. Most sailors know, what you don’t know can absolutely hurt you, so a good yacht captain always has a good maritime lawyer. We look forward to filling that role for you.


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